The Village!

The Village!

Banana Village Eco Resort is set in the quiet village of Kitala, Nalugala- Entebbe. This resort is the ultimate fusion of traditional African architecture designed to blend completely with its 

environment, with rooms housed in a series of huts spread along its vast gardens under a canopy of equatorial trees.Uganda Hotel Owners Association

Here you will experience an African night filled with a musical rhapsody by the night insects which is hypnotic enough to lull you to sleep. On a rainy night the thunder and lightening create a light and sound show in the dark skies. Mornings are ushered in with the sound of the loud Hadada ibis birds fused in with the gentle chirping of small birds. Calls to prayer can be heard in the distance, the rooster crowing, dogs barking, chattering of people as a new day begins.

In typical African house style, the bar and restaurant offer blazing log fires and garden views, and an elegant yet relaxed ambience. Cuisine includes local and international dishes and weekend buffet events are held on the broad open-air terraces.

Camping in Uganda

Services and Facilities

  • Dining & Bar
  • Guided walk
  • Fashion items & cultural crafts
  • Satellite Tv
  • Camping & backparking
  • Hair braiding


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • BBQ
  • Family features
  • Bike trecking
  • Access to golf club near-by
  •  Rowing and canoeing at a nearby resort.
  • Swimming pool
  • Conference and event facilities
  • Catering services
  • Badminton
  • Traditional cooking lessons
  • Bird-watching
  • Wedding and honeymoons
  • Visit to the lake
  • Cultural tour
  • Access to the Chimpanzee sanctuary

Banana Village Eco Resort was founded in 1994. “We bought the place to build a family home, however the property is quite extensive and this brought us to the idea to start a budget accommodation to cater for our local people who could not afford the more expensive hotels, especially for their honeymoons.”  Around 2000, more and more visitors from outside Uganda and Africa started to discover Uganda and enjoyed their stay at Banana Village Eco Resort.

Via the website and Trip Advisor, guests from all around the world find out about the resort and share their recommendations. Still staying within an affordable price range, Banana Village Eco Resort is able to offer a comfortable place to stay in a peaceful and natural environment: “it is what people come here for and what they enjoy most.”